Tuesday 14 June 2022

7 Green Boating Tips To Keep Our Waters Clean

Unless you like boating in places that look like a toxic waste dump, green and clean boating is a mindset whose time has come. The good news is there are lots of Eco-friendly options for boaters these days and most do not cost much money. Some can even help you save a few bucks and lessen cleaning and maintenance time, all while practicing good marine stewardship.

Here are seven tips to get you started:

1.Use non-toxic cleaning products and less of them.

Traditional household cleaning products can damage fish tissues, create nutrient imbalances that lead to algae blooms, and so on. Instead, look for biodegradable, phosphate-free, EPA Design for Environment, environmentally-friendly alternatives. The top sea-safe lines are pretty cutting-edge and effective. And if you use them to scrub and rinse your boat after every trip, and then cover your boat between uses, you will lessen the need for repeated cleaning.

2.Fuel getting in the water is another large concern.

Always use an oil absorbent fuel bib or collar when filling up to catch spills. (And be sure to dispose of those dirty absorbents as hazardous waste.) Fill the fuel tank slowly and keep an ear out for the tone change that occurs as the tank starts to get full. The Coast Guard advises filling tanks to 90-percent capacity to allow for expansion due to heat. Always attend to the fuel nozzle. Unlike car tanks that are pressurized, boat fuel tanks often do not activate automatic shut-off nozzles in time.

3.Regularly check engine lines and hoses for small leaks that can lead to oil in the bilge.

Replace oil pan gaskets and seals anytime the engine is removed to further lessen the potential for leakage. If you find oil or fuel in the bilge, do not pump it overboard. Use oil absorbent pads available at most marine stores that are specifically designed to absorb oil and repel water. Sock or pillow-style absorbers can be used in deep or hard-to-reach areas. An extremely oily bilge may require a bilge pump-out service.

4.If you have an onboard water system, be aware that your wastewater can be especially harmful.

Soaps released with a boat’s “gray water” are more dangerous than those released at home because they are not treated by a residential sewer system. To lessen your gray water impact, use on-shore facilities (showers, sinks, laundry) whenever possible, or wait until you get home. Install a gray water tank. Install low-flow showerheads to conserve water. Use as little water as possible when cleaning dishes. Choose biodegradable, non-phosphate soaps, cleaners, and detergents.

5.Just like your body, most boats can lose a few pounds.

Lighter boats take less power to move, and uncluttered boats are easier to move around in. Additionally, boats tend to burn 50 percent more fuel at full throttle compared to midrange, so leave extra time for your cruise and enjoy the slower ride.

6.Do not just grab the first on-sale can of bottom paint you see.

The easiest paint on the environment are non-biocide paints that do not contain metals like copper or zinc or other active ingredients. Once the hull is painted, do regular maintenance to prevent marine growth and the resulting hull drag that increases fuel consumption. Be sure to use non-toxic, non-abrasive cleaning products and methods to lengthen the life of your paint.

7.Always manage your trash.

Garbage, fishing gear, and grocery bags are harmful to sea life and the marine environment. Even something as small as a cigarette butt tossed overboard can look like food to a fish, leading to suffocation or starvation. Trash is a hazard to the boat, too, and can clog engine intakes, wrap around props, and lead to costly repairs. Educate your boat guests and reduce the amount of waste on board by removing packaging at home. Properly store trash containers so there is no chance of them being blown overboard. Lessen your carbon footprint by opting for reusable containers instead of disposable Ziploc bags.

Boats generate tons of pollutants and toxic waste annually. It is time to exercise Leave No Trace principles and preserve our natural resources. “Pack it in, pack it out” is their motto. Ours should be “what happens on board, stays on board.”

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Wednesday 1 June 2022

13 Tips For Organizing And Decluttering Your Boat

 There is a saying among boaters that any item not used within two weeks is likely unnecessary. When decluttering your boat, these should be the first items to go. Of course, we all know it is impossible to “deep six” every piece of boating gear — some things you just have to have on board!

In cases like these, you should consider items that serve double duty and can help keep your decks clear and functional. Here are a few tips as well as a selection of products that will help keep your boat from going overboard with clutter:

1.Keep an inventory of your gear.

Be sure to inventory your boat gear yearly and remove any items that you do not use regularly or that are redundant.

2.Utilize dock boxes.

A dock box can quickly and easily stow large gear that you do not need every time you go out on the boat. These come in various shapes and sizes to fit any space, and some even double as waterside loungers.

3.Use your vertical space to your advantage.

Install cargo netting along the interior walls of your boat above the main deck and/or in the cabin. Cargo netting is cheap, versatile, lightweight, and simple to install and adjust.

4.Got junk?

If your helm console resembles the “junk drawer” in your kitchen at home, consider getting a helm organizer to help keep your VHF radio, cell phone, sunglasses, and other items orderly and secure.

5.You can use items found in your kitchen.

Place smaller tools, fishing tackle and gear items in Ziploc storage bags before putting them into lockers or drawers. This will help keep the contents separate, dry, and visible.

6.There is a lot of unused space hiding out under your boat’s deck.

Beckson Marine makes Stow-Away Deck Plates that have small drawstring bags attached to hold things like winches and wallets. The bags can be removed for carrying on shore.

7.Make basic boat cleaning more efficient.

Shurhold’s One-Handle-Does-It-All System fits more than 40 different attachment heads. These items will easily store in consoles, under the deck, or in your dock box.

8.Hang your hooks and mops.

Aftermarket accessories like Beckson’s Clipper Molded Holding Clips and Soft-Mate Equipment Holders are great for holding various boat items like boat hooks and mops while keeping them close at hand.

9.Get an "all-in-one" tool.

The Snap-Tool Multi-Key from Davis Instruments is a boaters’ Swiss Army Knife, combining a dozen separate tools into a single stainless-steel piece. Use it as a deck plate key, zipper puller, hex wrench, screwdriver, scraper, bottle opener, and more.

10.Again, double duty is key here.

Accon Marine saves gunwale space by combining a flush-mount rod holder and cleat in a single, compact unit.

11.Love to fish but do not have space for all your favorite lures?

Install a flush-mounted tackle drawer to eliminate tackle boxes on deck. Additionally, you can plumb a watertight locker or baitwell in the deck to eliminate coolers and buckets in the cockpit.

12.Collapsible products make easy stow-aways.

Attwood’s portable landing net features a collapsible hoop and a telescoping handle that allows it to be easily stowed between uses.

13.Keep items tucked away until you need them.

Fortress Marine offers Stowaway Bags for its popular folding anchors, so you can disassemble and store your ground tackle out of the way until you need it.

If you have a clever onboard storage solution or product, please share it with us so we can pass it along!

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