Tuesday 25 February 2014

Sessa Fly 42 : Love at first Sight

Yacht Hire Mumbai - Sessa Fly 42 : Love at first Sight

There are two types of travelers, who want to reach treir destination faster, and those who relish every moment of their journey. For the latter, Sessa Marine, has created a product that contains more tran 50 years experience, a cocktail of Mediterranean tastes and styles, needs and functionality, thus being the result of their experience in the international markets.


If the Fly 40 became famous for the incredible space and the ergonomics of the cockpit and the flybridge area (winner of “boat of the year” in Italy in 2012), the FLY 42 is able to further increase this success.

Some structural parts of the flybridge have been made with carbon, in order to increase the rigidity and reduce the weight. This spacious area is rich in equipment such as: double pilot seat, a big bow sunbathing areas, strategically located to shelter from the wind, a wide L-shaped sofa , a teak table for 6 people, and a kitchen furniture with sink, refrigerator and grill.

Never a flybridge of these dimensions guaranteed such a high level of liveability, concentrating, at the same time on so many elements.


Even more incredible is the comfort that this new cockpit offers, which has been increased both in space and in seating capacity. The L-shaped divan has been created for 8 people to dine at and has been conceived to be easily converted into a sunbathing area by means an additional cushion.

Furthermore, the addition of an electric bimini will allow the owner to be protected from the sun at any time of the day with ease.

Sessa Marine has also designed custom furniture to enrich the stern area. A big BBQ, sink and chopping board are positioned on the outside stern section of the boat, ideal for barbecue and cocktails with friends during a beautiful day at sea.

This strategic configuration allows to stay close the water, leaves the cockpit area clear for your friends to enjoy their leisure and the temping BBQ smells drift out to sea.


The kitchen is positioned in the lower deck and is surrounded by a great lighting , rivalling much larger boat galleys.

The Fly42 galley incorporates a large 165 l refrigerator, large electric oven (Miele), countless storage lockers and ample work surface area, offering similar space and equipment to her top of the range sister, the C68.

Another innovative use of space is the area created under the stairs to position a top loading washing machine (6 kg load.)


Strong point of the lower part of the cabin is the two bedrooms and their independent toilets with a shower cubicle in each , as found in the FLY 47


Particular attention has been made to the dimensions of the doors and height in the cabins (about 1,90 m), as well as the amount of storage and functional furniture. In the owner ‘s cabin, the bed is equipped with integral storage, with easy access by a gas assisted base. The all new wide hydraulic platform is very helpful for launching of any “sea toys”.


The pilot position has been expertly designed to offer excellent viewing of instruments both seated and standing, and the “intelligent” side window increases your comfort at sea.

The FLY42 contains all the design and construction solutions so important to the designer Christian Grande and the shipyard, in order to have more comfortable areas and at the same time a feeling of "cocooning"

Thanks to the chromatic perception of the spaces, the play of lights allowed by the wide windows, the mirrors as well as the choice of material normally presented in the bigger boats, the Fly 42 reveals here the Italian style in all its talent 


After having conceived 7 models with IPS technology , SESSA MARINE Yachts Hire Mumbai renewed its choice to equip this Fly 42 with IPS VOLVO engines, well-known for high quality and advantages such as: reduction of Co2 emissions, fuel consumption, noise levels below 50%, exceptional maneuverability and safety, especially during mooring. Equipped with 4-cylinder engines D4 3.7-liter common-rail, with commands for EVC, turbo compressor , supercharger and after cooler, the FLY42 will reach a maximum speed of 32 knots with an average consumption of 80 l/ h at cruise speed (25/26 nodes).

Made with vynilester resins to ensure an excellent barrier against osmosis and multi-axial fiberglass to strength the hull laminates. The FLY42 offers considerably high security levels. Navigability, smooth on waves and sea keeping are ensured by its “V" variable hull shape


The shipyard SESSA MARINE thanks to its big experience in the production of “compact boats”, became an expert in the optimization of spaces. That’s why the owner on board of a 42 ft will not have the feeling of being in a tight space whether inside or out.

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Friday 21 February 2014

Princess S CLASS – Introducing a New Class in Performance and Luxury

Princess S CLASS – Introducing a New Class in Performance and Luxury

The new S CLASS range of Sportbridge yachts from Princess exemplifies all the ability, quality and design expected from our FLYBRIDGE and V CLASS models and injects a new level of performance, style and on-water attitude.

That S CLASS attitude is summed up by Princess Chairman and spearhead for all new boat development, David King. “S CLASS Sportbridge yachts will deliver a new level of design whilst honouring the ideals of a true performance craft, with our advanced deep-V hull designs and lower profiles delivering the very best in fast and highly efficient cruising in all sea conditions. But S CLASS will also deliver the same high levels of luxury and specification our customers expect, with the sleek but practical upper helm position and a large tender garage and its integrated sunpad.”

Sleek and aggressive exterior styling will be a feature of S CLASS, from the dark wraparound superstructure glass and angled hull windows to the raked profile that flows into a strong architectural section in the cockpit, these boats deliver real attitude. The low-profile styling conceals luxury Princess Motor Yacht features like the walk-through foredeck and that all important Sportbridge, delivering the kind of inspirational driving experience that only a Princess deep-V hull can offer. Inside the Princess design team have selected an exclusive range of materials, furniture and detailing for S CLASS to deliver a next generation interior for a next generation Princess.

First from this new range will be the stunning S72, launching at the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show in February 2014 and the S80 is scheduled for launch in 2015, with two more S CLASS models planned.

About Navnit Marine:

Navnit Marine is a Princess Yachts Dealers Mumbai India. We Provide best Yachts Servicing and management Mumbai India. Princess Yachts is a Luxury Yachts for sale in Mumbai India. From our legendary Flybridge range and thrilling V-Class sports yachts, to our long-range Motor Yachts and ground-breaking M-Class superyachts.


Princess Motor Yacht Sales are the largest boat trader and distributor in the world for the Princess range of Luxury Yachts boats. We have been a boat trader specialising in the Princess marque since 1964.

This unique historical relationship with the Princess manufacturer, Princess Yachts International plc (formerly known as Marine Projects (Plymouth) Ltd), gives us an unparalleled understanding of the requirements of today's discerning motoryacht buyer.

Our New Boat Sales team are available to discuss specific specification requirements, and offer advice about the extensive range ofoptional equipment that is available for each model.

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Tuesday 4 February 2014

Cruiser Dealer in India

Boattest.Com Takes An In Depth Look At The New 2014 Vx Cruiser

The 2014 Yamaha VX Cruiser, the top version in the VX Series has a major technical change this year, NanoXcel, which brought the dry weight down to 686 lbs. (311 kg). NanoXcel, which has been used in the FX and FZ Series for years, is a combination of material and process we will cover in this report. we also take a detailed look at the ride and comfort, from the ergonomics of the seat to the handling of the hull. Priced at $9,799 the VX Cruiser is not short on power and is tested at over 50 MPH.


The team at Yamaha designed the VX Cruiser to be a three-rider WaveRunner that virtually any family can afford, yet also offering the features, performance, handling and reliability expected of more expensive vehicles.


A large focus was placed on the overall looks and performance of the VX with the use of NanoXcel playing a major part. By manufacturing the hull from NanoXcel they were able to reduce the overall weight from 750 lbs. down to 686 lbs. (311 kg).

There were two clear results from this in our testing: the first of which was a higher top speed of over 50 mph. The second was the feeling of power in the lower speed range with passengers on board. With a target market new-to-PWC buyers and families, the VX Cruiser is an excellent machine for this mission.


The NanoXcel is both a material and a process. Technology is not just found in the engines and electronics on watercraft these days. The materials are used in the deck and hulls, and are evolving to meet many needs. The hull of the VX Cruiser is made from such a technology.

So What is It? NanoXcel is a process that utilizes thermosetting resign, polyester resign, and nano-clay particle additives in the manufacturing of the hull. The process relies on the material's very small molecules and aligning them more tightly than can be done with conventional materials. The result of which is a hull, and in other models the decks as well, that is much denser and stronger.

This means that the builder can use less material and reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, while having precise fit-and-finish.

Repair? When it comes to the questions of strength and repair we can offer some insight. We know of Yamaha PWC owners who have struck rocks, and in all cases, either a scratch or a gouge were easily sanded out.

Power Package

The VX Cruiser is powered by the purpose-designed-and-built Yamaha 1052cc engine. This is a 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, electronically fuel injected and optimized to run on regular unleaded fuel. This engine has been around for several years and has been tested by BoatTEST.com many times. From our own experience and feedback from rental dealers, we can confidently say this is an extremely reliable engine.

The engine is connected via direct drive to a 155 mm high-pressure jet pump unit. Direct drive means that there is no transmission involved and the output drive shaft from the engine connects with the impeller on it in the jet pump unit. The impeller itself is a three-blade design made from stainless steel. All the components of the jet pump unit are manufactured from an aluminum alloy which provides excellent anti-corrosion protection in salt water.


Maintenance is a distinguishing feature. Yamaha Watercraft has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for reliability and very low maintenance over the years. The engine itself is very easy to work on with the oil filter positioned with plenty of room to remove and replace it. The air filter is up out of the way and a snap to change. The only maintenance outside of the obvious oil changes, really comes down to just a visual check of the components from year to year.

Distinguishing Features

Seat Design

In addition to the NanoXcel hull, the VX Cruisers has a seat design that deserves some attention. The scalloped back for the driver and the width and angle of the seat were well thought out by the Yamaha team. It allows the driver to be comfortable as well as providing an ergonomic way for the riders' legs to help hold in place in the turns.

Remote Transmitter

Just like an electronic car key, the Yamaha remote transmitter can electronically lock a VX Cruiser when left on the beach or at the dock, preventing anyone from being able to start it. It can also be used to engage Low RPM Mode. This limits the engine from revving over a certain RPM setting which will come in handy with new riders. It can even be used to help conserve fuel.


In lower priced models of PWCs, storage is usually the first thing to disappear, but not in the VX Cruiser. There is a total of 15.1 gallons of storage and the forward compartment is the largest, capable of holding several PFDs, line and other items.

Yamaha's Engine Management System, is an integrated, computerized management system that controls and adjusts such functions as ignition timing, fuel injection mapping and engine diagnostics.

The Ride

The ride of the VX Cruiser is smooth and controlled with plenty of kick off the line. Turns are precise and forgiving. For that reason it's hard to get in trouble. The hull throws the spray low and out to the sides, even in wind. At speed the ride is firm and not loose in any way. We cruised along at 30-32 mph most of the time which was right around 6000 rpm. At that setting we burning 3.2 gph which means at least 5.5 hours of running time, calculated with a 10% reserve.

Speed was a plus on the new VX Cruiser with all of our runs averaging 53 mph, which is more then respectable for a 1052cc engine. For those wondering if there is enough power, the answer is yes. Newcomers to the sport will not have that feeling that they should have gone bigger.


The VX Cruiser after all is a Yamaha, a company that is hyper-obsessed with details, and this is evident in all parts of this PWC. All components are high-quality and hardware is aircraft grade aluminum or stainless. Something not widely known is that all Yamaha WaveRunners are painted, not gelcoat; they utilize a premium automotive paint for shine, durability and fade protection.


The VX Cruiser hits the mark when it comes to an affordable PWC that offers a family a balance between features and performance. It is well built and offers a state of the art engine with proven reliability. I would rate the ride comfort at a 9 out of a 10 and the overall quality is hard to beat.

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